experimental music reviews


I loooooove music. A lot of what I'm passionate about doesn't always have a ton written up about it, especially stuff in the vast universe of things which could be termed "experimental". I also relish going to concerts of these sorts with my partner and we both enjoy reading about these kinds of things in print media like MusicWorks, the WholeNote, The Wire, and Signal to Noise Magazine and online at Joshua Minsoo Kim's Tone Glow, Brian Olewnick's Just outside, Ken Waxman's Jazzword, Susan O'Connor's Gallery O, and Dusted Magazine. Here are some websites I recommend for buying experimental/avant garde music: Squidco, Forced Exposure, Staalplaat, Corticalart, Soundohm, ElectroCD, Bandcamp, and Discogs (the last of these mostly for used copies of things, and second to last for the option of buying directly from the artists or their label).

I will be updating the website sporadically, so check back as often as you feel like. For each day's entry, I will start with one album from the current year and then a few others from different years. I am far from an expert, so my writing will not necessarily be especially insightful, this website is above all else a labour of love. Within all writeups, artists names' link to their respective Discogs entries where possible, though I figured that to do so for album titles might be overkill.